A composer of modern melodic music

Born in 1964 I discovered music at the age of eleven when I started at Henry Compton Secondary School. Every child was given the opportunity to play an instrument and I chose saxophone and clarinet. From playing I quickly discovered an interest in writing and arranging music. I started by writing arrangements for a small group I formed called Blue Beat and this soon turned to writing for the school bands. The library quickly became full of my arrangements and many were played in concert.

At the age of fifteen I started O level music and was introduced to the genre of classical music. I struggled until my music teacher loaned me a recording of Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.2 which blew me away. I have not looked back since. I turned to writing for orchestra and my very first piece A Lifetime Rhapsody which was a summary of some of my original band music for piano and orchestra was performed by Lady Margaret School Orchestra. After this I entered the local Kids 'n' Cops composers competition and won. Since this time I have written a steady body of music, including six symphonies, a Requiem Remembered with Love, a Mass Missa Cum Gaudio large choral works with orchestra Sing a New Song and Song of Praise, many small orchestral works, two concertos, and several smaller choral works, chamber works and instrumental music.